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Lisa Clement

The new love in my life is Remi Peppy, an incredibly fun horse to ride. He is perfectly trained and well behaved and adores people.  I never personally met his trainers but see the great results. Lisa

"Phelps" aka Te as he is known around the barn is doing well.  He is taking care of my dad at his weekend ropings and being spoiled all week by my mom.    He is exactly what you said he would be and more importantly what my dad needed.
Again thank you for your professionalism and honesty.  It's great to see my dad having fun roping. "T" has shown him how fun it can really be!

Kind Regards,

Adrienne Staple 

Jeffrey Mueller

Rocking Lazy J

I would like to start out with saying my dealings with the Myer Horse CO. has been very professional. Jared has been honest a straight forward about the horse we purchased. I gave him a description of the type of horse we were looking for and he found a match.

Zans Dancer Doc (Buddy) has fit our family from day one. We head on the horse, work cows and drag calves to the fire. Buddy is a true gentleman. He will carry us to the pay window over the summer and for many years to come.

I purchased Buddy from Jared via video and phone. This was my first time buying a horse using modern technology. I can tell you we are very pleased with the results. “Jared hit a home run for our family"

Thank you very much!

The Muellers

Deann Ostwinkle

I too thought that I knew what horse I wanted after seeing him online, but when we called up the Meyers, they were kind enough to tell us that wasn't the right horse for us at the time. However, they did have one that they thought my family would get along great with. So last year I purchased a lovable paint from the Meyers. He is a great horse and gets along great with everybody. He is very well behaved and anyone can ride him. My 3 and 4 year old nieces ride him and they love it. The Meyers were very honest when they told us that Ted had a lung issue. (the heaves.) But, that doesn't change how great of a horse he is. He will run if you want him to(short distances)or he will walk the whole ride if wanted. He sat all winter and when I got on in the spring he was the same horse I had gotten off of in the fall. We were very impressed with the horse the Meyers had sold us and we went back and purchased another well behaved horse. Both the horses get along great with people, and are just what we were looking for, and then some. The Meyers will pair you up with the right horse, and they will stand behind their horses 100%.



I just want to say what a great bunch of people. The boys,(Joel & Jerad) I feel went the extra mile(sort of speak) I had boughten a real nice horse & he is still is very nice & good honest horse. But he didn't quite fit my program. There was no problem swapping for something that bettered my needs. They found the perfect guy. This little dun,(aka;Jesse) has found himself a good home!!!!! My brother also bought a horse for his girlfriend, from the Meyer's, she's getting along great & loves him.

THANKS, Kay Behrend

PS: I use to be show person, learning the trail ride way!

The Birdwells

 Just wanted to take a minute to thank Jared for our recent purchase.We are really pleased with him. More importantly, thank you for your patience and time you spent working with us. I would highly recommend Meyer Horse Company to anyone. It's nice to do business with fair and honest people that stand behind what they sell. Thank you again!

    Mark, Lamar & Garrett Birdwell

Michele McCarty Guthrie Center

A year ago I met Jared after seeing a horse advertised on The horse that I thought I wanted wasn't right for me and he knew it. My riding skills were minimal at that time at best and he introduced me to a horse that has since  changed my life. I had been asked to ride on a drill team and making the team was my dream. i came home with a beautiful palomino "Q" and went from riding on a skate board to driving a mercedes benz. The horse is more than what Jared told me and Q has given me the confidence to become the rider I had only dreamed about before. Several weeks ago I drove up to see him again as he agreed to work with me and Q in the arena. The drive was 8 hours  total and I spent 3 hours with Jared in the arena. He took me to a new level in my riding expertise and showed me things I did not know much less understand. i also left with another new horse, "Shorty" and beautiful bay roan that is perfect for my 12 year old son. I trust Jared completely and the time and attention he has given me personally is priceless. Thank You!!!! 

Hi Jared & Joel Just To Let Know Dun Dealing Smart (Shorty ) is every thing you said + very nice horse love him we are a good pair thank you Hope to get one more for my wife at a later date again Thank You    D G Price  Mcloud Ok

Good Morning,
Beau is doing great! Trevor & him have really hit it off and are working well together—he’s been roping off of him no problem. Thank you so much for selling us Beau!

Tyler and Shonda Boyd

This is Tyler and Shonda Boyd. We bought a cute palomino horse from you at the double dollar sale in Vegas 2010. I would just like you all to know that he is incredible and we love him. Great job on training him. It was very easy to go on with him. I have videos on Facebook of him. If you want to see them, we are under Shonda n Tyler Boyd. Again, great job on a great horse. He's been a real blessing to us.

Tyler and Shonda Boyd

Robert Czilok


I was pleased to visit with you at the Colors of the Fall Sale in Phoenix this past weekend. I wanted to formally thank you again for your excellent customer service after I bought "Reno". Your frank comments in regards to the problems were right on. It is not always easy to hear that the problem rests with ones self. I did return home and work on my issues. With the help of an excellent local trainer I was able to conquer my problems and manage to work with the horse as you described. Since then I have been riding four or five times a week. Reno and I have been out in the desert trail riding and continue to expand our adventures together. I would not trade him for the world.
Your willingness to work with me has allowed me to enjoy this excellent horse you sold me.

Betty Mausser

At horse sales all over the country, MEYER HORSE CO presents horses that are at the top of the game!  JARED and JOEL MEYER are hard-working, honest and take great pride in the horses they train for their buyers.  They stand behind every horse they sell, whether it’s straight from the ranch or at a national sale.  You will never go wrong with a horse from MEYER HORSE CO.

Lauren Malmberg

Just brought home "Keeper" from Meyers over the weekend and I just love him. Playingforkeeps Pine is just what Jared and Joel said he was - beautiful, handy, dead-broke, and fun! Thanks for all your help - we'll be back to look at more!