Bernard, IA
Meyer Horse Co., Bernard, IA
Meyer Horse Co. Bernard, IA


Training Horses


We use the modern day resistance free training method starting all of our horses out by using round pen reasoning to build a trusting relationship with the horse before ever attempting to mount the horse. We teach our horses manners on the ground and to stand still while mounting them as well as gaining their respect when we are mounted and to recognize our voice commands and cues. Depending on the animal, in 30 days of training we hope to accomplish the following: flexing; breaking at the pole; stopping & backing up; walk, trot and loping circles; moving off leg cues; two-tracking; started side passing and doing rollbacks. We are also experienced in taking a horse further into the training process, such as reining, cutting or pleasure horse training as well as teaching a horse to rope or compete in game competitions such as barrels or poles.

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