Bernard, IA
Meyer Horse Co., Bernard, IA
Meyer Horse Co. Bernard, IA



My name is Darlene and I would like to introduce you to my family which makes up Meyer Horse Co.

My husband, Dennis and I were married in 1977 and moved to this farm in 1982 and then purchased it in 1995 and this is where we established our ranch where Meyer Horse Co. is located. We established our roots on this spot where the rolling hills lie just north of a small community called Bernard, Iowa.

Bernard is located about 16 miles S.W. of the city of Dubuque which is located on the eastern edge of Iowa on the Mississippi River. We began as a dairy and crop farm and horses were our hobby. It was great family entertainment as many a weekend we spent going to either a trail ride, horse show or rodeo with our kids.

Dennis had been around horses all of his life and competed at many horse shows growing up. His father, Merlin Meyer, also farmed and raised and traded horses. We had 3 sons and they all developed a great love for horses as well. They competed in horse shows and rodeos as they grew up along with helping out with the family farm and milking cows. They learned a great work ethic in helping out on the dairy farm. However, when they got older and we encouraged them to go to college --milking cows for a living was not their interest.

Our oldest son, Jared, came up with the idea of going to a school to do what he truly loved and that was working with horses. He went to school at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, WY and earned a degree in Equine Training & Management.

Joel followed in his footsteps by doing the same. They wanted to move back home to start their own business, but not milking cows. With our dairy operation being too labor intense for one man to handle we decided this was a good time to sell the cows and get bigger in the horse business. Therefore, in 2001, we sold our cows, and began Meyer Horse Co. involving our sons, Jared & Joel. Unfortunately, my husband, Dennis, passed away from a sudden heart attack on July 31, 2009, so therefore I have turned the reins over on Meyer Horse Co. to Jared and Joel to manage with my assistance in secretarial duties.

Our third son, Jesse, is also very involved with the horses and competes competitively in team ropings. Since his Dad passed away, he decided to follow in his footsteps and attain his Realtor’s license and he is also an auctioneer. He now works as a Real Estate Agent for American Realty of Dubuque, Inc. and has his own auction company “Meyer Auction Co., LLC” which we all assist with.

We built an indoor and outdoor riding arena and also built box stalls for 50 head of horses. We have 144 acres of land for our boarders to ride upon. We have set up both our indoor and outdoor arenas with roping boxes to train rope horses. We now travel all over the Midwest, South and West buying and selling top quality horses along with our other services offered. We take pride in our horse operation and do our very best to provide quality horses for sale and provide top-notch services as well.